the last sermon – or: let’s talk about …

02. Dez 2005

on Sunday it was my turn to preach in our „Feierabend“ sunday service. „Feierabend“ means literary „quitting time“ – but if you seperate the two parts of this word (You know we Germans love to build long words 😉 ) then it means: „evening of celebration“. We choose this name for our services  to  show, that  we want to celebrat Got and his redeeming work in Christ – but also to show that we want to have a good time together.

so – this time I preached about one of the most difficult toppics: Sex.

I really had a hard time to prepare the sermon – I read some books, talked with some people and had thousands of different thoughts. The problem was to put this in 30 minutes. I took only two sheets of paper with me filled with some keywords. Normally I have 8 or more sheets with every single word on the paper. I tried it this time, too – but  – for some reason – I wasn’t able.
But nevertheless it was a good time. Several people came to mee and meant, it has been a good sermon.

Also the other elements of this service: worship time, video clips and the moderation (we have a moderator or host) and so on.

It was a good time and God really blessed it.

The next sermon I have to prepare is for my seminary. The topic is Matthew 8:16-17.




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