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Where Newspapers kick the Internets behind


on Sunday it was my turn to preach in our „Feierabend“ sunday service. „Feierabend“ means literary „quitting time“ – but if you seperate the two parts of this word (You know we Germans love to build long words 😉 ) then it means: „evening of celebration“. We choose this name for our services  to  show, that  we want to celebrat Got and his redeeming work in Christ – but also to show that we want to have a good time together.

so – this time I preached about one of the most difficult toppics: Sex.

I really had a hard time to prepare the sermon – I read some books, talked with some people and had thousands of different thoughts. The problem was to put this in 30 minutes. I took only two sheets of paper with me filled with some keywords. Normally I have 8 or more sheets with every single word on the paper. I tried it this time, too – but  – for some reason – I wasn’t able.
But nevertheless it was a good time. Several people came to mee and meant, it has been a good sermon.

Also the other elements of this service: worship time, video clips and the moderation (we have a moderator or host) and so on.

It was a good time and God really blessed it.

The next sermon I have to prepare is for my seminary. The topic is Matthew 8:16-17.



It arrived!

21. Nov 2005


I just wanted to say, that my new laptop just arrived!

So once again I wanna thank everybody who made this possible!


Kill Bill’s Browser

16. Nov 2005

No, this isn’t the next vol. of Terentino’s movie – it’s a campaing started by 4 people to move other people to switch from IE to Firefox:

Be carefull: it’s plenty of irony there …
… but it’s fun 😉


12. Nov 2005

Don’t worry, pornsunday isn’t pro, it’s against pornography. Preparing the next sermon for feierabend I founed this page.
Once again the Americans are some years ahead. In Europe the addiction to pornography is still a topic nobody is talking about – even if almost everybody has problems with it.
I hope, many people will get help through this service and wake up. And I hope, too, that we in Europe will start this kind of Sundays as fast as possible.

God bless You

For everybody, who is using the konqueror-browser and who want’s to use the search engine to work with

create a new entry and add as search engine „“

As search-URI write the next line:

Use for example „bs“ as shortcut

and: here you go.


„en“ stands of course for „English“ and „niv“ for New International Version. So write „kjv“ if you want to use the King James Version. Just as you want.


19. Okt 2005

with my younger brother’s help I was able to import all my in/to this blog. So beginning with today I will post my stuff only in this blog.