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Where Newspapers kick the Internets behind


Kill Bill’s Browser

16. Nov 2005

No, this isn’t the next vol. of Terentino’s movie – it’s a campaing started by 4 people to move other people to switch from IE to Firefox:

Be carefull: it’s plenty of irony there …
… but it’s fun 😉

For everybody, who is using the konqueror-browser and who want’s to use the search engine to work with

create a new entry and add as search engine „“

As search-URI write the next line:

Use for example „bs“ as shortcut

and: here you go.


„en“ stands of course for „English“ and „niv“ for New International Version. So write „kjv“ if you want to use the King James Version. Just as you want.


19. Okt 2005

with my younger brother’s help I was able to import all my in/to this blog. So beginning with today I will post my stuff only in this blog.


plan b

05. Okt 2005


I started this blog with the plan to make it my english blog (so I wanted to keep my – blog as my german and to write here only my english things).
but since it is possible to have different feeds for different categories I will post here my english as well as my german (and perhaps later even my polish) stuff.

The different feeds are to find in the sidebar (right side) under the title feeds.



03. Okt 2005

I think, I mentioned it already, that my younger brother is an open source (oss) freak. So he wants to force me to move my german blog to this adress, too.

however – I will think about it and in the meantime I will keep on writing english (or at least I try it.


welcome at kairology

24. Sep 2005

Helo everybody,

this is my fist post in my first Worpress-blog.

I’m happy being invitated by my brother and I think, I will do like him:

this will be my english-blog. But who knows: perhaps I will change my opinion later.